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The Plymouth Fury GT

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By Mark Weisseg

I have had this article in the back of my head now for quite a while.
First, this is a rare car in that not many Fury GT’s were built. My Dad had a 73 Plymouth Fury with a 360 under the hood and he loved that car. Plenty of power, rode fantastic, and few issues ever. Now the issue is can this be a fast classic car?

Well, they stuffed a 440 under the massive hood and made some computer upgrades. Nicer wheels and tires and dual exhaust plus a few more cute items. The car was fast but still was heavy and clearly did not grab corners. But, back then few did grab corners. Most of hot rod classics were made to run a straight line and run it fast. Stopping and cornering were an afterthought then. Unless obviously you had a Camaro,Corvette, or other such car.

When you jumped in this monster you had plenty of headroom and legroom. They had a really cool dash and on the outside, hideaway headlights, bigger wheels and tires, dual pipes sticking out the back, and a low rumble from dual pipes. I am not suggesting you would smoke a Camaro in a quarter mile but this car was fast, friendly, and down right cool. Take it to the big party in fancy clothes and on the way home smoke some poor skinny kid in a Chevelle for laughs. We don’t see many Fury GT’s around anymore as the sales were a bit weak and the car really did not find a niche. But, they were a classic, a fast car in its day and just a bit heavy around the belt line.

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