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The Man Behind 5th Gen Camaro

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The Man Behind 5th Gen Camaro
So, who is the person on the successful fifth generation of Camaro? The Camaro Chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser. He is the front liner for the GM product: Camaro although he has been on the first feneration Colorado/Canyon to the Pontiac G8 and Geo Metro.

He is working overall on the finance, marketing, and manufacturing of the product.

Let us know the things about the successful Camaro Chief Engineer and why he has this Midas touch with the cars that he is giving his time with.

He did not instantly land to the job that he wanted but he ranked up throughout the years.

“If I had the opportunity to choose right now between the two, I think I would keep the Camaro job, because I really identify with the Camaro DNA.”

Important information about Oppenshier.

He owns a 1968 Camaro SS Convertibe, black with white bumblebee stripe, 350 small-block, a 1949 350 small-blocl five-window pickup truck and a 2014 Camaro Z/28: “I think that’s all I’ve had is Chevys.”

They also created a 2004 Colorado mule with ZQ8 suspension package and a V8.

He and his team knows the latest about every Mustang information.

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