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The Police Drive Cool Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

Recently while driving near Charleston South Carolina we saw this police car. Beaufort SC is a great little community filled with wonderful homes, friendly people and of course on the ocean.

I believe the police have a very difficult job these days. It seems like everything they do is under a microscope. Certainly their are bad eggs in every profession but let’s just admit the truth and be grateful for our men and women that serve. Without them I believe we would have a chaotic world where back in the old western movie days you would meet in the middle of the street and take ten steps and turn around and fire. Do you want that way of life?

When we saw this place car we instantly thought how cool is must be to be driving a Challenger around with a hemi under the hood. I mean it could have been like the old days a Ford LTD or a Chevrolet Caprice. Both great old man cars but if I was a guy on the force and saw my ride for the next eight hours was this car- Yippeee!

Clearly it does not make your job any easier but I will bet it gets some of the bad guys thinking twice of Robbing that bank and speeding away. Good luck with that. Clearly this car was not built to haul prisoners into the Klink. It was made for patrolling, writing tickets, and of course to catch your eye and talk about what the local police had in the barn. Most of us have encountered the sneaky under cover mustang, firebird, or other blend in car waiting behind a tree or bush.
Just so they can nab you going 37 in a 35 zone. But, this is a game changer as everyone that knows about the Challengers quickness will think twice before committing a dumb crime.

I want to share a story with you a bit off topic but you’ll get my drift. One of our employees had a company pick up truck with four wheel drive to get back into the coal mines. One day he is on the turnpike and the RF tire goes flat. Our driver suffered badly from a bad back so he had to call AAA for help. While waiting a state trooper came up on him and told him to move the truck now. Our driver said he had a flat and AAA would be there any minute to change the tire and get him going. The Trooper said he was touching the white Line on the road and he needed to move NOW! so, my friend says to the trooper, ” as soon as that tire reinflates itself I will”. That cost him a ticket for obstructing a highway.

Next, AAA shows up and they change the spare to the RF and my friend leaves the scene. The Trooper left just before the lug nuts were tightened. My friend is mad as hell now and he goes zooming off and about two miles up the road he gets pulled over by the same trooper who proceeds to give him a speeding ticket for 57 in a 55 zone. Yep, 57 in a 55 zone. About 35 days later my friend is in the court room to fight both tickets. The judge who heard the case laughed and said he had never seen such a bad attitude in a officer of the law – ever. Both tickets were thrown away and my friend lost a half days pay.

The moral of the story. Let’s hope that the trooper who did this to my friend never gets a hemi Challenger for his cruiser or we all will be lining up out the door to fight or pay our tickets.

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