Overselling the Challenger?

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By Mark Weisseg

Like you I have been watching the Challenger sales and more importantly the Hellcat sales. The Hellcat with the 707 hp and cool looks is a sale winner. As fast as Fiat Chrysler could make them they would sell. Of course there was a brief time in 2015 that supply was low so the dealers marked them up 15 to 20K and they still sold them. Then another shift was added and the Hellcat was being made at a pace that the sales could honor.

Here is my issue with the whole thing and I will be careful not to make some mad at me. First, I like the car very much. I liked the original one and I thought when they introduced this version it was a winner. Even though when the car was tested against a Camaro and a Mustang the Challenger always came in last in total score. Yes, in a straight line it is a hot rod. But when you corner you now can feel the bulking body swaying. All still good for me because like you I doubt I would have it at the track every weekend.

No, my concerns for this car are for the future. If you go to any car sales site on the web there are bunches of these cars for sale. The sellers are using words like, Wow, Clean, never seen snow or rain, or my favorite- RARE! Really, rare? Chrysler has been making these cars as fast as possible and they are everywhere now. Go to a show and you’ll see easily a dozen. What makes a red Hellcat better than a green one? Nothing. Then why are so many being sold used already? I heard early on that collectors would buy these and wrap them up and seal them away for 25 years and then sell them as retirement tools.

I sincerely doubt that will happen. The answer lies in the rarity of an automobile to drive its price up. If you find a 70 Superbird with a factory hemi, four speed signed by the the King – Richard Petty , now you have a retirement fund. But, they are building these Challengers at a record pace. I now can drive by my local dealer and they may have two or three Hellcats, and many other Challengers with a scat pack, or just the six banger on the lot. Don’t believe me? Just go to eBay or Craigslist and look at the ads. The sellers all want a mint for them and quite frankly you will buy a fast car, but the shine wore off and fast.

Today, the talk is the new 2016 Camaro and the 2016 Mustang GT350R. They are lighter, faster , and depending on your driving tastes might provide a much better driving experience.

Again, I came close to ordering a Hellcat when first introduced. I thought of the coolness, the price and I always think of my investment and what I may get some day as a return on my investment. Early on I thought these Challengers were tops. I’ll make a killing! But as I watched the market get more and more saturated with them I watched the ho hum affect set in. They are still cool but they have not changed a whole lot going back to 2008. They will not be rare cars and hence will not get huge money years from now. Should you buy one? Heck yes. It is your money and if you dream of owning a Challenger them my gosh go buy one and have a ball. Just keep your expectations in order.

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