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Is this your dream car?

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By Mark Weisseg

For many the answer would be obviously yes and some obviously no.

This hot rod clearly was done by a professional and it appears no expense was spared. This show stopper would be a winner anywhere it goes. I know I would love to drive this hot rod. And yes, I would love to have this in my garage. But many would refuse and here is why.

Do you understand the care this car would require? You would not be able to leave this car anywhere and walk away without worry. Anything you did on a car like this would require professional assistance and as we know that is difficult. Difficult meaning who do you trust to work on this? And, I would bet anything that needed to be repaired would not be cheap. Compare that with a water pump replacement on your 70 Camaro. It’s peanuts compared to what this would entail. Next issue is driving this beauty. Who would want it to get wet? What about stone chips? What about the worst case possible- an accident. I know of a guy who had a beauty like this and was hit gently by an uninsured driver. The headaches that followed went on for months. Where do you store this car? Is it safe from water, fire, any other hazards? How much do you insure it for?

As you can see the list goes on and on. Having such a great classic hot rod sounds easy enough once you pay for it but the issues after are long. Sometimes you just need to enjoy what you have and let a car like this go. Do you want the glory that goes along with a car like this? If yes, be prepared for the headaches and worry as well.

Lastly, I am willing to do this as I am retired and have the time. However, there is an issue I cannot bear at this time. The costs associated with having such a beautiful car in my garage so I guess I pass after all.

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