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Is A Supercharger Too Much?

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By Mark Weisseg

When is enough too much? Is there a limit to building a muscle car?

We would usually reserve this kind of article for our sister site , but it does apply to any performance vehicle.

There is always the argument between ‘no replacement for displacement’ and the other end of the spectrum of taking what you have, then strapping on things like turbos and superchargers to get the most bang for your buck.
Neither is right or wrong, just a point of view, but when it comes to adding a supercharger for just the sake of vanity, this may be a totally different proposition.

The picture attached might hold the answer. Is a blower or super charger really needed? Can you even see the road beyond that device? Sure, it looks cool, adds a lot of horsepower, and grabs everyone’s attention, but is it too much?

The question is for you to decide. Sometimes, your local laws will dictate what is allowed too. Unless you really make the car something that appears unsafe, my guess the local boys will leave you alone.
I have seen the bubble top boys pull over people that the exhaust or lack of there of is an issue. I mean open headers are cool, but the neighbors might not like them at 6am on a Saturday morning.
I am not sure everyone will love your massive changes, so be careful. You might throw 10K at a blower and such and certainly enjoy it. But, if you ever tire of the car and decide to sell it you might find the audience might be limited.

In the meantime, it’s your classic muscle car so enjoy it.

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