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Corvettes: The Original classic?

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Everything that could be written has been by now about these early Corvettes but I would like to add a twist.

When you gaze at custom cars around the circuit you will see many cars that have been modified or changed to make adjustments to an owners taste. Maybe side pipes, or headers, or possibly change up the interior.

Corvettes are no different but there is less customization than with others. Why? Well, take a hard look at this car. It is a thing of beauty right out of the gate. Great wheels, sweeping styling affects, tire and wheel packages that were eye catching. The engines had plenty of power for the time. The standard 327 was enough for most but if not there was an option for a 427.

I mentioned once before I have a friend who has a collection of Corvettes from 63 to 67 and they are all red. His 67 has the big block 427 and that baby is hot. I like his 63 better however even though it only has a 327. It must be that split window one year thing. He did have an issue two years ago at our car show so here’s your heads up if you ever get one.

We parked it in the sun and opened the hood. It has the chrome air cleaner on it and when the hot sun hit the air cleaner housing it sent a red hot reflection right to the underside of the hood and bubbled the paint. Now, he still opens the hood but puts a towel on the air cleaner housing to deflect the Sun’s harmful rays. A very odd occurrence but it happened and caused real damage.

In closing, these cars are getting very expensive and not going anywhere but up in value so get in while the getting a good.

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