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5 Factors 2016 Camaro Needs To Accomplish Against Competitors

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The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro faces these important factors to challenge the competitors and be a winner against them.
5 Factors 2016 Camaro Needs To Accomplish Against Competitors

1. Performance
For the performance, they were able to lose 200 lbs compared to the older models.

2. Fuel economy
Between the other types of car models, Camaro is a step ahead because it became 200 lbs lighter with the addition of cylinder deactivation to GM’s stalwart 3.6-liter V-6 engine which creates a huge gap between the other competitors.

3. Ergonomics
Even the outgoing Camaro’s fans admit the car’s sightlines are poor, largely due to a high beltline and narrow windows. Those proportions are part of what Camaro fans like, though. It’ll be a major challenge for GM’s designers to combine it with first-class visibility.

4. Styling
Here is the stats for new model:
2.3 inches shorter
0.8 inches narrower
1.2 inches less tall than 2015 model

5. Interior comfort
The car must be comfortable for two people and capable of carrying four without too much whining

“The last Camaro deserves a lot of credit,” said Eric Noble, president of the Carlab, a product development consultant in Orange, Calif. “It went toe to toe with the Mustang and put Chevrolet in a strong position.

“The new Mustang has upped the game significantly, though, particularly in terms of dynamics and technology.”

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