The Muscle Car Is Dead: Long Live The Muscle Car.

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The reason for the title of this post is due to the constant ying yang of online talk of either the muscle car is over or the golden age of muscle cars is now.

The dissenters say the modern generation are more occupied with eco-friendly engines, small turbo boosted engines, autonomous cars and smart phones.
The advocates say we are in the new age of muscle cars with double the horsepower and triple the fun, with modern muscle cars being able to take on the best of the performance market.

So who is right and who is wrong? Maybe a bit of both and that’s the key.

The dissenters say that the world surrounding the mighty V8 engine is coming to an end, due to ever-increasing concerns with fuel economy, but the point here is that the muscle car market has only ever been a slice of all vehicles in general, just like any performance car. So why does it have to be one thing or the other, fully electric or fully gas?
There is room in the world for totally autonomous vehicles, hybrids and the like and the V8.
Yes, fossil fuels are diminishing, but it isn’t muscle cars that are the sole cause of depleting all fossil fuel stores. That tag goes to industry. So why can’t we have our cake and eat it and have our powerful V8 engines while the majority drive around in their little electric buggies.

The modern muscle car offerings from the big makers, such as the new Ford Mustang, the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat and the new Corvettes have both been vastly popular and sold out.
The Dodge Charger and Challenger hellcat sold out instantly. People want these cars, so if the common consensus was nobody was interested any more, then some people somewhere are buying these things.


As humans we want to experience sensory overload at times and nothing does this better than a muscle car.
That’s the point.
An electric engined vehicle may have plenty of torque and go fast, but we need to get the full sensory experience – the full range of feelings. A quiet blast up to 60 mph is only the same as being in an elevator, you move fast, but it’s just an efficient way of getting from A to B. It doesn’t sound or feel the same.

So this all comes down to the fact that no matter how old the car buyer, when they want some performance, they want the sights, sounds and feelings and non do this better than old or new muscle cars.

Thus, it shouldn’t be an all or nothing affair when it comes to performance cars. We can have a bit of everything if we try.

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