Mustang And Camaro Rivalry Hit China

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By Dave Ashton

The age old muscle car rivalry between the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro is now hitting the shores of China. Both companies are heading up their marketing to push these muscle cars into what is arguably the world’s biggest auto market.

Chevrolet launched its sixth generation Camaro which goes up against the Ford Mustang which arrived on the Chinese shores in 2015. Both vehicles were adapted for the Chinese market, which has hooked many fans over there into the American muscle car culture.

Although sales are still small, the Ford/GM rivalry may extend to other vehicles like pickups, after the introduction of the F-150 Raptor recently. Chevrolet will also bring to the Chinese market the Silverado and Colorado in 2017.

The influence of movies like the Transformers have had an impact on the Chinese market with American vehicles having a certain alure not possessed by other vehicle types. Chinese car buyers usually go for the top trim packages, as these vehicles are seen as more exotic and appeal to a certain sector, which can afford these vehicles at 399,900 yuan/ $58,000 which is more than double the US entry price of $26,900.

In comparison, Dodge are staying away from the Chinese market with the Challenger and the charger, but this doesn’t mean that imports will not hit the shores in the future.

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