Future Classics To Buy Now.

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A future classic vehicle can sometimes be a hit and miss affair, but with classic car values steadily increasing year on year, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for those future rarities.
It’s a common scenario where people see today’s classic car prices and know that they could have picked one up for next to nothing in the past, so spotting today’s rarities is worth noting.

The cars of today which you can pick up for a reasonable price, range between the late 80s and 90s. Some are not obvious choices, but they can still be found on the used market.

Take note now, as in 5+ years you may be paying a lot more.

1971-’76 Cadillac De Ville

Cadillacs are synonymous with big and luxurious, but not necessarily the rarest and most collectible, but as models from other manufacturers from the early 70s have skyrocketed in price, models like the De Ville start to come onto collectors’ radars with a bit of super fly chic.

1982-’92 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

The Pontiac Firebird was the most aerodynamic Firebird produced by GM, but was squeezed in power and emissions, with a 305cu. V8 only producing 145 HP.
Years later, these Trans Ams stand out as one of the cool vehicles of the decade, which although down on power, are certain to get recognized for their uber cool design.

When it comes to muscle cars of the 80s, it’s a bit like Fight Club, no one mentions muscle cars of the 80s, but examples like the fox body Mustang make great platforms for restomods or pro streets which still hold their value.
Slowly rising in price are examples like the 80’s Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z and Iroc-Z Z/28.

Keep a note of the ‘out of year’ muscle cars and examples of ones with low production numbers.
They will all become sought-after rarities one day.

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