Ford Mustang, Germany’s Best Selling Sports Coupe – This Month

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The release of a right-hand drive Mustang is proving a success in Europe, with the car outselling its competitors in the month of March.

Ford sold 780 Mustangs, compared to 752 sales of Porsche 911’s, 708 Audi TT’s and 532 Mercedes E class coupes. In total, the Mustang is in second place for this years sales of sports coupe at 1,822 compared to Audi at 2,299.

Some of the sales boost could be due to the Mustang always being an exotic in left-hand drive, so the cool and new factor plays a big part. Also, the 5L V8 versions have been the most popular in sales, beating the smaller eco boost four-cylinder versions.
With gas prices in Germany being the equivalent of $5.80 gallon, this shows the immediate hit of the new Mustang.

As Ford push the Mustang to a global audience, we should hope to see other American muscle cars hit foreign shores and as seen, the rest of the world seems hungry for this new type of muscle.

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