Dodge is For Keeps

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The merge between Chrysler and Fiat in the year 2009 made a lot of auto companies tremble a little bit. Chrysler for its being an American automaker for big cars and big engines. Fiat as an Italian automaker as a punchline.

Tim Kuniskis the CEO of Dodge released a statement that people are collecting the muscle cars that they created. If people are buying Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers then they will most likely buy the Viper and those who have Viper will be buying Hellcat.

Hellcat, is a trim level of the Challenger muscle car which makes it the ultimate muscle car.

The ACR is the ultimate version of the Viper as a track car.
Dodge is For Keeps
What makes a muscle car? The personality and attitude of the car, over and above the raw horsepower number. If you look at a Charger or Challenger V6, those are our volume cars. They have 300 horsepower. The look awesome, they have an awesome personality, an incredible road presence. They sound great. People love these cars and everyone would describe them as a muscle car. Now, is it a 485-horsepower Scat Pack V8 that runs 12-second quarter-mile times? Or a 700-horsepower car? No.

Dodge is mainly a North American company. We do sell internationally. It’s not big numbers. But in certain pockets we’re very strong. If you go to the Middle East, Dodge and SRT are really strong. Really Strong. Right now that’s probably our strongest market outside of NAFTA.

I said that we don’t even sell cars in Japan and they said “we know, it’s really tough to get them.” But there is an underground performance movement there. People are getting these cars on the grey market and of course, that grey market enthusiast is your hardest-core enthusiast. They’re looking to modify them and make them faster. So, never say never, I guess.

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