Dodge Demon To Get Insane 1119kW/1500Hp Thanks To Hennessey

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By Dave Ashton

No sooner had the Dodge Demon being released, US tuners Hennessey Performance came out with the  Camaro Exorcist, but now it seems they are going to work on the Demon itself to produce all time incredible muscle car.

The base hp rating of the Dodge Demon at 840hp is expected to be cranked up by the Hennessey guys to an incredible 1119kW/1500hp. no specific details of the release this year as to how they will achieve this, but it’s expected that specific engine tuning, supercharger upgrades and had a replacements are on the cards.

The Hennessey optimised daemon will also have its own complaint roll cage, so it can compete in drag racing along with parachute to stopover immense power.

With the Dodge Demon already capable of hitting 0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and polling 1.8 G, it will be interesting to see what this optimized version of the Demon will end up like. Truly a thing from hell.

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