Aussies Buy All Their Mustangs And Need 2,000 More.

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The 2016 Ford Mustang is technically sold out until the middle of 2017, so to shorten waiting list. Another 2000 units are destined for the Aussie market.

The extra abundance of vehicles will not arrive until late 2016, but it will go some way to fulfil the orders stacking up already.
Around 6000 pre-orders of the Mustang show that this could be one of the most popular muscle/pony cars in the country.

Sold out already?
Although Ford sells 10,000 Mustangs a month in the United States, they prioritise this market, then build the right and left hand drive models for foreign markets at their Flat Rock Assembly Plant near Detroit, Michigan. This means they have to predict the amount of units to ship to foreign lands.

Therefore, if demand outstrips the amount of Mustangs they produce for foreign markets, they simply have to build more, which takes time.

Changes for the 2017 Mustang.
the 2017 Mustang will come with the new SYNC 3 infotainment system, and three new colors – Lightning Blue, Grabber Blue and White Platinum Tri-Coat, replacing the existing colors of Guard, Competition Orange and Deep Impact Blue.

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