Arash New Hybrid Supercar with 2,080-hp AF10.

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The British supercar makers Arash started with their 7L LS7 V8 and now have updated theirAF10 model to take on the best of the hybrid supercars.

The AF10 is an updated version of their present model built from a mix of carbon fibre and traditional materials, with a 13 part carbon fibre tub forming the main part of the chassis and aluminium subframes with double wishbone suspension.
The power plants in the car will feature a supercharged 6.2 L V8 engine and four electric motors.

The regular GM engine will have 900 hp and 886ft. lbs of torque, with the electric motors producing 1180 hp and 797lbs. ft of torque. All adds up to a quite impressive 2080 hp.
All this is fed through a six speed manual or automatic transmission with paddle shift and rearwheel drive, with each drive unit having its own transmission.

This impressive hyper car will be launched at this years Geneva motor show.


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