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The Most Amazing Holden Concept Cars

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Holden cars may not be the most obvious make outside of Australia, but for those in the know, they have made some of the most influential muscle cars in Australian automotive history.

Holden were formed in 1856 and entered the automotive arena in 1908, becoming a subsidiary company of General Motors in 1931.
As of 2017 Holden will stop engine and vehicle manufacturer and will be reduced to a national sales company, with parts distribution and design centres. Sad news all round, but the name Holden will still live on with some of it’s amazing vehicles.

Below are some of their concept vehicles which they have produced just like any other manufacturer through the years and as you can see, there influences has spread to all of the GM line, probably why GM kept them on as an important design studio.

Holden Efijy
Built in 2005 to celebrate Holdings first production car, the Effigy was shown across America and given accolades wherever it went.
Its vintage looks and modern performance was a showstopper everywhere.

The Hurricane was built in 1969 as a complete concept car, never intended for production, but to showcase many futuristic concepts such as a digital dash, navigation system (pre- GPS) and rearview camera.
It boasted a 4.2L V8 engine aand still looks futuristic to this day.

Coupe 60 concept
The Coupe 60 Was conceived in 2008 to much applause at the time, as it gave the indication that it could be the new version of the VE Commodore and styling of V8 supercar racing. It also give an indication that it may be another Monaro two-door model, but this never materialised.
GM arguably put a halt to things as they were working on the new Camaro platform based on the VE platform, the same as the Coupe 60.
Thanks for the design Holden, now stop making that car at once!

Chevrolet Bolt
Built to be a sibling of the Volt, the Chevrolet Bolt is all electric and planned for production in 2017, with the ability to travel over 300 km from one charge.
The interesting thing here is Holden are the designers of this vehicle, showing that they may be the future creative powerhouse for GM.
Just a shame they couldn’t build a few cars as well!

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