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Shelby GT500: One of the World’s Fastest Mustang

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Shelby GT500 One of the Worlds Fastest Mustang
In drag racing world, you will get to see the best of the best but there are still a lot of cars that haven’t been tested and hasn’t been out of the road yet.

We can say that is what happened with Kinetik Motorsport Shelby Mustang GT500 which garnered the high ace performance and beauty as well.

GT500 is a muscle car where you can unleash 1,173 whp and not lesser than 1,059 lb-ft (1435Nm) of torque on rear tires and that is almost touching Bugatti Veyron.

In its grand launch at the Texas Mile, it hit a 209.3 mph or 336 km/h which is very impressive. There are not so many muscle cars that can top this level.

Besides the 4.7 liter supercharger, this car also has a limited slip differential, Griggs GR40SS suspension, Koni coilovers, a Magnaflow 3″ catback exhaust with competition mufflers, American Racing 2″ primary long tube headers and Baer Extreme front and rear brake discs.

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