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By Mark Weisseg

We have a lot of super high performance cars out there that are street legal. Whether a Corvette, a Mopar with a Hellcat engine, a Mustang, or a Camaro just to name a few.
Learning to tame that power is essentially summed up in the Spiderman quote, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

Like so many other cars out there, the above cars are loaded with horsepower that the average guy or gal has a hard enough time learning to operate.

You can buy a Cadillac right off the floor with more than 400 hp. Cars like this are all over the place for sale whether a respected dealership or a localized web site in your town. These missiles on wheels are dangerous in the wrong hands. Everyone who drives thinks they are a good driver. Now, take an inexperienced driver and throw 500 horsepower at them and you are asking for trouble, unless properly trained. We all have seen the funny youtube videos of some wise guy pulling out of a car show and has the need to show the adoring crowds he can do the best burnout. Sometimes the results are bad accidents with people getting hurt or worse.

So the point is to learn to handle a car’s power. Even if this is a few lessons on a track or with a specialist driver, the cost will be worth it. A jet pilot does not start off flying straight into a jet. Nope, he or she go to class first for quite some time and are slowly introduced to bigger speeds.
The advantages of getting some expert tuition in a powerful ride is you brush up on the fundamentals, learn the correct way to handle the car without breaking you, your car or somebody else.

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