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4 Muscle Cars for under $6000

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$6000 doesn’t get you a lot of car these days unless you are prepared to put in the work.
But if you are on a limited budget and do your research, there are plenty of examples out there to choose from,  mainly from the ‘out of years’ muscle cars.

So we thought we would go through some unobvious examples of what you could get for roughly $6000 which hasn’t dissolved into a pool of rust or will cost you just as much to repair.

If you do shop around wisely, you can get a lot of car for your money.
Luxurious cars usually depreciate the most, so you get a lot of refinement for your money, but we are looking for something with a bit of muscle car power or at least has links to that heritage.
So before you shrug your shoulders and look at the examples below and go ‘urghh’, bear in mind that this is a budget list to get the most for your money.

Choose the right example from one of these cars below and you could have something that could last you for years.

1994-1996 Chevrolet Caprice
$4,800.00 Buy It Now.

A 5.7L, 260hp engine gave the Caprice B bodies the muscle car power and with many bolt on upgrades, this is a great car for not much money.
this example is in critical condition and is a reasonable price.

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1991-1997 Ford Thunderbird
Current bid: US $1,136.11

Arguably some of the last rear wheel drive cars, until they were axed in 1997. The 4.6 L, 205 hp V-8 could still move this heavyweight at a fair speed.
Aftermarket Mustang upgrades means this could be a cheap, luxurious ride.
This example is probably as cheap as you can come across and as you can see single condition.

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1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
Buy It Now Price: US $5,950.00

This car just comes under the $6000 budget, but it is an extremely nice example.
4.6 L, 280 hp, gave some decent power for the time and although it was costly to buy and maintain, now you are getting a lot of car for your money which can be a good base to start hot rodding.
there are not many examples of these around, but this one we found is probably in the best condition.

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1986 Buick Grand National
Price: US $5,800.00

You will not be able to get a Buick GNX for this money, but the Grand National has the same platform to build upon.
For this type of money you can expect to have to do some work on the car, but the Grand National was one of the standout cars with some beef of the 80s.
This car will give you years of pleasure if you treat it with some TLC.
This example will obviously need some work, but you could easily turn this into a road beast if necessary.

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