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2013 Tesla Model S Performance: Used Electric Muscle.

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2013 Tesla Model S Performance: Used Electric Muscle.

Engine: 3-phase 4-pole AC induction motor.
P85+ 7 Passenger Pristine 2 Owner.
Transmission: Automatic.


Listing a Tesla is a bit like time travelling into the future, where the new and used car market is all about electric vehicles. (< thanks buzz kill boy, says the editor!)

But the fact is, at some point in the future, electric or not, the majority of cars will be using something other than the internal combustion engine. I just hope it’s a long way off.
So as a kind of ‘drill’ for the future, here goes…….

A wonderfully executive look and feel to the interior and exterior.
Options & Features:
Keyless Entry
Keyless Go
Panoramic Roof
Back Up Camera
12 Way Power Front Seats
Heated Front Seats
Bluetooth Technology
Hands Free Streaming Music Power
Trunk Open/Close
Parking Sensors
Dual Zone Climate Control
On Board Computer
21″ Grey Turbine Wheels

An efficient engine with a great sound…..well, you can hear it rotate.
Very fast, we just couldn’t hear where it went.
Tons of features.
Errr, think that it…..oh yeah, prepare for a big electric bill…..


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