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2008 Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Prototype Convertible: A Future Classic Now

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High Bid of $185,000
Auctioned on Saturday, March 28th, 2015

‘Grabber Orange with black stripe.’
‘Built as a prototype and show piece for Shelby Automobiles in partnership with the Ford Motor Company.’
‘ This car has a designated prototype status and is serialized as such and carries serial number 08SS003P, in which the “P” designates Prototype.’

The documentation and provenance for this car is extensive.’

This fine 2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Prototype convertible went under the hammer in March this year for a healthy $185,000.
This may or may not be the sort of price you thought a car like this would go for, but it gives you an idea of what these limited edition vehicles can now fetch at auction and goings off golden era muscle car worth these days, you can imagine how much they will cost in a decade or so.

Things have not really changed much when it comes to spotting a rarity, but it’s a different matter sometimes when it comes to actually investing in one.

The takeaway from this tale is to always keep your eye out for those vehicles that are a few years old, but you know they are short run vehicles or limited edition and will in some form or another, go up in value in the future.
They don’t have to be prototypes of the most popular vehicle, just the ones that stand out from the crowd.


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