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We Need A Super Muscle Car, Now!

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We obviously have muscle cars, but what about super or hyper muscle cars?
I’ve heard the term here and there over the years, but it really came to front of mind while watching, ‘Wrecks to Riches.’-
Their version of a super muscle car is taking a golden era muscle car and upgrading many of the parts to modern technology, but still keeping the asthetics and even some of the functionality of the original car. Like in one episode where they fitted a modern air conditioning unit behind the original heater sliders, so to the car driver it still seemed like you are using the old heater, but with the latest air conditioning. Cool idea, literally!


But when I think of a super muscle car, I’m thinking along the lines of what is a traditional supercar but has muscle car DNA.
Yes, the top of the current muscle car ladder has offerings from Dodge and Chevrolet which are giantkillers, but what if we had a step above that? A car that looked like a muscle car but had all the features that make it a supercar?

Doing research online, the most documentation on a ‘super muscle car’ is from ‘Wrecks to Riches’ or this post, which argues the criteria of the supercar or the muscle car, saying some examples like the Equus Bass 770 are more supercar than muscle car.

Where do we go from here?
We see all the time modern muscle cars with package upgrades, getting them to supercar performance and possibly pricing and we also have offerings from American supercars such as the Hennessey Venom GT, so I want to see a meld of the two and I think it is the next step for the big muscle car makers.

The muscle car name is world renowned. It denotes power, speed and very recognisable looks. If the muscle car manufacturers brought out limited run super muscle cars, then why can’t these cars be a category on their own, just like muscle cars became?
As the latest crop of muscle cars are becoming increasingly more popular, people are already coming around to ‘big horsepower is best,’ so to the clientele already familiar with the muscle car market, this should also be the next logical step.

They would all have to go off and set up their own supercar divisions, but that would also cover from the very top to the very bottom of the car offering range and further promote the range they each had.
Why not even a hyper muscle car?
I cannot see this actually happening, but wouldn’t it be great if in a few years we had a Dodge hellcat hyper car or a Corvette that could take on a Koenigsegg One or similar.

So let’s throw it down to the big muscle car makers and see if in a few years time a super hyper muscle car can be made…….hhhhmmmm, sounds good to me!

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