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The New Bugatti Chiron Is Go!

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Ever since the Bugatti announced the successor to the Veyron, The Bugatti Chiron, the Internet has been awash with rumours and possible specifications for the new hybrid car.

Not surprising when the Veyron broke most records and is touted as one of the best supercars out there. So how do you make a successor to something like this?

The new Chiron is expected to cost around €2.2 million with a W16 cylinder, 1500ps (1480bhp)Torque 1106lb ft, Quad-turbo 8.0-litre engine, with a projected top speed of 288 mph and a 0 – 62 mph time of 2.3 seconds. as stated by said Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bugatti president, ‘we want to make the best significantly better.’

The design of the Chiron will also change compared to the Veyron.
The Chiron has been restyled with new doublebarrelled high-tech headlights, horseshoe grille and many other design amendments.

If the car eventually becomes another benchmark car or simply an update to the Veyron, time will tell, but as the destined launch at the Geneva motor show is planned, we will soon find out.

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