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Pick Of The Day, 2013 Dodge Challenger SXT Custom

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Buy It Now US $17,500.00
‘This is a dodge challenger 2013 sxt . No issues , no lights on dash etc.. Look in the photo section you will see what blue book recommends I see this car for , and thats a private sell a dealer sells for 2-3 thousand more…if you buy it now i will ship the car and put the 2 10 subs with box back in the car.. if you have a reasonable price contact me.. Im not trying to get rich just want people to drive my pieces of art 😉
Custom suede and leather interior $2000
Custom paint job for car and rims $2500.
Light kit, tail and installation , detailing , oil changes ,fluid changes , maintenance $1200
$5700 worth in upgrades and maintenance put in the vehicle and im still beating peoples prices by thousands!
I added a switch to the green led lights to turn on when you want them to, It looks REALLY GREAT AT NIGHT! This is new no wear,you will be the 1st person (other than me 😉 of course ) to enjoy the custom modifications of this car! And what a head turner it is ! The black plastic dip on the rims is peeling off in some locations but plastic dip is really cheap to apply if it bothers you. Also it comes with the 4 factory rims as well.’


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