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Pick Of The Day: 2002 Chevrolet Corvette (..sort of.)

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2002 Corvette 54 Retro Nomad.
Engine: LS1 Supercharged.
Price: US $105,000.00 (21st Aug. 2015)

This is more of a curiosity choice than anything else.
This is only one of a custom-built vehicles built by Advanced Automotive Technologies. unique look and features means this car will definitely stand out, so the real question is can you live with such a car?
It will probably be of interest to a collector who is interested in the obscure or limited-edition type vehicle, but nevertheless, it’s a unique, individual car that will definitely take someone’s fancy out there.

‘Built By Advanced Automotive Technologies 2013, 2002 Corvette 54 Retro Nomad is 1 of only 8 built by Advanced Automotive Technologies. This Nomad is last one produced. Has additional option of Lambo doors and Supercharging. Pro Charger rates the LS1 with supercharger at 545 HP.
rust free, damage free and clean CARFAX. upgrades include sound systems and run flat tires.’



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