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The New Mustangs: V8 vs 4cyl?

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The latest Ford Mustang is being produced with the steering on the wrong side for the rest of the world finally to enjoy, which means reviews are aplenty at the moment, along with the obvious direct comparisons with competitors.

One of the most unlikely places you would find the new Mustang in right-hand drive popping up is in South Africa.
Over at, they review both the V8 model and the four-cylinder turbo version.
The Four-cylinder comes in at a 2.3L, four-cylinder turbo Ecoboost engine and the V8 with a 5L GT model. Basically, the American versions in right-hand drive.
Comparing for a four-cylinder to a V8 engine in the past would have been no contest , and arguably still is, but the boundaries are more vague these days and pricing counts as much as ever.

The obvious comparisons pop-up between their contemporaries, such as the BMW M4, Audi or Mercedes-Benz, but the problem here is that the comparisons are more direct as Mustangs cost far more in South Africa than they do anywhere else. Along the same lines as their contemporaries, so the comparisons are closer.
This is a shame, as one of the main benefits of muscle cars is that you get that performance at a cheaper price.

The least, it’s good to see how the rest of the world is viewing modern muscle cars in all their guises.

Read the rest of the review here.

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