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Muscle Car Talk: Firing Up The Mustang, Is Good For The Soul.

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, this is one of my cars and I love this car.
We took it out Sunday for a twenty mile drive. That means we have driven it now four thousand miles in five years.
I drove it slow and easy for about 17 miles so I could enjoy the nice ride, the interior scent, the mufflers purring and the pure enjoyment one gets while driving something so special. The bad news is while driving I had this terrible desire to go get my Road Runner out of heated storage but that will wait until the end of the month.

I do love this car and a couple of times I came close to selling it because I was not driving it much. I have too many toys and I need to spread it around a bit.

But, after I drove this and put it away for a bit I shut the engine down and just sat there for a moment and listened to the car cool down. It’s a beautiful sound for anyone who loves the big American V8 engine.

But, I said I drove it easily for 17 miles and I did. But, very close to home I was near a city park where people walk, jog, swim, and so on and I was at about 30 mph.
I could not stand it any longer and without notice or warning I stood on the accelerator and the engine roared and I mean roared to life. If it was not for traction control I am sure the back end would have come loose. But, it stayed back there where it should and that engine and all its toys associated with it kicked in and threw us both back in the seat.
The speedo was going to my right very fast and at shift time I got the chirp from the rear tires. I looked over at the park setting where the birds were singing and the people were mulling around so innocently and noticed they all had stopped and were staring at me in horror.
So, I let off the gas and slowed the mighty creature down. I just know most of the people were in shock from a quiet, serene, peaceful afternoon to a 767 jet taking off right in front of there long noses. I am also quite sure a few were disturbed by this act of violence but at the end I saw a guy give me the thumbs up.

He knew my blood is filled with oil and I assume he knows at some point that talk is cheap and you must lay her down and do the dirty work. And, I did and I loved it.
I could not see the speedometer to long as I was focused on the road and only briefly looked over at the park people. I bet I was the conversation at dinner that Sunday night. The women and some of the men who want to be women were probably taking notes and planning my exit from our earth. The real men and women were talking and suggesting they too need to feel the blood run through your veins with a hot poker leading the way.
I hope I inspired the ones who love our carsI hope a young boy or girl went home and found a black mustang on the Internet and taped it to there wall with a note that someday they too will scare the hell out of the park people. That’s what I did as a boy. I scotch taped hot rod cars to my bedroom wall and focused on someday buying them.

It’s what I wanted to do since I was a boy. We did not have computers and smart devices that took up our free time, we used our imaginations on how we were going to change the world and rock the cradle.

So, park people, I shall return some day and quietly sneak up on you and just when you get comfy I am going to let out a Ted Nugent scream from those tires and pipes that should make you never feel the same. Can’t wait.

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  1. Tim Sweet

    May 24, 2016 at 7:29 am

    Those are great cars! But I live the classic, big engine Stangs.

    Currently restoring a 1973 Mustang SportsRoof #ProjectSportsRoof – 351C

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