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An LFP 727 Mustang Costing Only $39,995

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Lebanon Ford dealership in Lebanon, Ohio are offering a 727 horsepower Mustang GT for $39,995. That’s cheaper than a Hennessy HPE700 Mustang at $59,500 and a Roush 670 horsepower Stage 3 for $54,985.

You will receive a Ford Mustang GT fastback and a Roush Phase 2 2.3-liter TVS supercharger in with this package.
The Mustang GT 300A package comes with 727Hp, 610lbs. of torque.
Unlike the other packages mentioned above, this is a straightforward Ford GT and supercharger which keeps the prices low with the results still being great value for money.

The other advantage is that this is an authorised Ford dealership, which means each car comes with three years or 36,000 miles warranty and other dealer goodies.

Check out their website here for further information.

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