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GeigerCars Tunes 2016 Mustang GT 820hp

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German tuning outfit GeigerCars have produced a new package for the 2016 Ford Mustang GT, bringing the car up to 820HP.

The company imports American muscle, which aren’t available locally and adds their own special magic to the mix.
They stock the whole range from the Mustang lineup, from 2.3L Turbos to the 5.0L V8. They also don’t just feature Fords in their tuning operation, but also Dodge and Chevrolet.

The 2016 Ford Mustang Geiger GT 820 starts as a 2016 Ford Mustang GT and with additions, brings the power up to 820HP and 560lb-ft.
A 2.9L supercharger is fitted along with all the necessary upgrades to handle this power, such as sports tuned suspension and upgraded Brembo brakes, slip differential and rear end.
The problem is the high pricing of the package, which starts at $124,800 USD (109,450 Euros ) and with similar tuning outfits such as Hennessey on domestic shores, this may be an opportunity for the Europeans to soup up their muscle cars, but as a world leader in tuning, the package is a bit pricey.

However, the results are outstanding and its a great way for the Europeans to add a bit of special something to their existing muscle cars.

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