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Find Of The Day: 2014 Ford Mustang ROUSH STAGE 3

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Engine: Aluminator forged internals 5.0L V8, supercharged
Price: US $79,500.00

Aluminator 5.0L DOHC Aluminum V8, 633 whp
6-speed manual, Rear Wheel Drive
Silver exterior, Black leather interior
MCS RR2 remote double adjustable coilovers, 18×11″ Forgestar wheels, 4″ brake cooling, ducted hood, custom splitter, leather Recaro seats, 4-point roll bar, rear seat delete.

This 2014 Mustang GT went from Ford’s assembly line to the Roush facilities in the summer of 2013. The original window stickers are shown below, including the $40K base Mustang GT Premium car as well as the additional $17K worth of Roush Stage 3 upgrades, including Roush suspension, appearance upgrades, and the 2.3L Roush TVS supercharger – where horsepower reaches 575 hp.

After that there were even more upgrades added by Roush, including the Aluminator forged engine upgrade ($8250), Phase 3 upgrade (675 hp) and $4353 worth of additional options plus a transferable 6 yr / 72K mile extended warranty ($2790) and even wheel and tire insurance ($650) – which even covers the current 18×11″ wheels and 295mm BFGoodrich Rival tires the car now has. The grand total on this heavily options Roush Stage 3 was $78,178.

The Aluminator engine was installed at Roush. This is a specially built 5.0L Coyote V8 that has forged internals and pistons designed for a supercharged application. The Roush workers also installed the special Roush 20″ wheels, suspension, exhaust, intercooler and supercharger systems. The Stage 3 supercharger package includes a number of upgrades and again, many additional options were added to that Stage 3 kit to get to the Phase 3 kits 675 hp rating.

This car was also personally signed by Jack Roush on the dash and under the hood, which adds to the value of this unique vehicle.





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