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Is An EV Hypercar Possible? McLaren Build Prototype.

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McLaren, producers of Hypercars are toying with the idea of electric powered vehicles.

The problem is, they may not be as powerful as their gasoline counterparts, so prototypes are being built to test out the theory.

The P1 has proved its worth in the hyper car market and will be hard to supersede, especially with an electric vehicle, but as the push from hybrids to electrics slowly moves forward, it is just a matter of time before the first electric hybrid cars become a reality. However, at this point we are years off a fully electric supercar or hyper car.

“We do opine that making an electric vehicle is kind of simple because components are readily available and packaging is easy. However, it’s about using an electric motor which should be capable of delivering the same experience as a P1 GTR. In case, if it is unable to deliver what the McLaren brand is known for, then the idea falls flat. We are experimenting and trying to find what the future holds for us,” said McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt.

No matter which way the car market goes in the coming years, electric vehicles are on the horizon in the performance world.

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