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The Dodge Hellcat Review: Outmuscling the Mustang and Camaro?

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Reviews of the Dodge Hellcat have showed up the car’s lovers and haters, but there are not many reviews which say it completely beats the Mustang and the Camaro handsdown.

The review over at starts with the impressive sound of the hellcat engine, ‘In musical terms, the Hellcat barks equal parts exhaust (in the bass and baritone range), induction (tenor, alto), all topped off by a prominent soprano supercharger in the highest register of the Hellcat score. It’s got the subtlety of Andrew Dice Clay, it’s always triple forte with the windows down, and it reminds you that there are indeed semi-controlled explosions taking place behind those cylinder walls. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture (with live cannon fire) backing up The Sex Pistols. Job done.’

The car is definitely roomier than its competitors and driven sedately, especially in the Charger, you have four doors, plenty of room and a large trunk. Better than the other two.

But the main point here is the overwhelming power. Using the full 707 HP, you can wheelspin at 90 mph. 3.6 seconds to 60 mph and a quarter mile time of 11.7 seconds at 126 mph. The Electronic safeguards are usually the only things keeping those wheels on the road.

Other reviews have commented on the heavy weight of the car and do you really need that much power, but the takeaway from this review is that if you want the most powerful muscle car out there which will blow your mind, the Hellcat equipped cars are the best you can get. At least at the moment.

Like the horsepower wars of the late 60s and early 70s, no one stays on top for very long. Ford are rumoured to maybe bringing out an even more powerful GT500, but it’s only rumours at this stage. Chevrolet may build on the ZR-1 platform. But for now, if you want the most powerful and thrilling muscle car at the moment, you cannot get better than the Dodge Hellcat.


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