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The Dodge Challenger: Prowling And looking for a fight

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and immediately thought of a heavy weight championship fighter.
This Challenger is the SRT package and according to a friend of mine who owns one we should all watch out. He could not swing the 75k for the Hellcat but he wrote me recently that when he launches this car it is amazing.

My friend would know and I will take his word as gold. He had a built up Mustang before that was out of this world fast. He and I had conversations about that Mustang. Meaning, he talked and I listened because I respect his abilities so much. He was just tired of the Mustang and wanted something different so he bought the Challenger.

Change he got and he has no regrets. I know this guy and I know a couple of things you should know about him as well. He is a great father to a young daughter and he knows high performance cars. Whether he can bathe himself or do other necessary life things is of no concern to me. This is my go to guy when I want horsepower.

I went to him about a month ago and told him I was looking at a Hellcat. That is when he told me about his car and what he has done to it.

I know now like I did when he had his Mustang not to get involved with him on the street. He will hand you your lunch. So, if you see him prowling, go the other way.

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