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Devel Sixteen Hyper Car V16 5000HP Engine Dyno Test

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This hyper car is far from normal.
Debuted at the Dubai motor show in 2013 its spec sheet is off the charts.
With over 5000 hp, it will do 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds and the top speed of 348 mph.
Steve Morris Engines are responsible for the huge power plant.

Not much else has come out about the car since it debuted in 2013, so it will more than likely stay as one of those Limited edition concept vehicles, but it’s still great to see people giving this ultra-limited edition car the chance to be a world beater.

Here are the engine stats to give you an idea of their stratospheric aims:
– 12.3 liter V16 Quad Turbo
– 5000+ HP (rated over 5000 HP, dyno could not hold any more power over 4515 HP)
– 4515 HP @6900 rpm, 36 psi c16 (dyno could not hold any more power over 4515 HP)
– 3519 Torque @6600 rpm, 36 psi
– 3002 HP @6900 rpm, 20 psi (92 93 pump gas – daily use)
– 2407 Torque @6400 rpm, 20 psi
– Devel Sixteen billet engine block
– Devel Sixteen cylinder heads
– Devel Sixteen crank shaft
– Devel Sixteen billet cam shaft (roller cam shaft, street tune)
– 2 valve per cylinder (32 titanium valve)
– 81 mm quad turbo


Devel Sixteen Overview

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