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Does A Car’s Color Matter?

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Does your muscle/sports/performance car need to be the right color to be a part of the “coolness”?

We all know black, purple, dark blue, orange and Red seem to take the honors when it comes to hot rod colors. Sure, the whites, greens, light blues, and yellow are good colors too but, it seems in order to have yourself a bad ass hot rod it has to be a dark color. You know, dark as in mean looking.
I just saw a black Mustang with black wheels and interior and it looked very menacing. Now, if the same car’s color was soft yellow, with a white interior and hubcaps we know it would not have the same effect. It might have the same monster engine under the hood but, the soft colors make it less than mean looking.

I have one of those sleeper cars. My Roadrunner is B5 blue outside and inside but it has a white vinyl top from the factory and dog dish hubcaps. Not menacing at all but under the hood it is. On the other hand, my current mustang is black outside and black inside but I am running chrome American racing Cragar style wheels. It is a bad ass looking car and has the power under the hood to make you think twice. But, I have pulled next to white Mustangs with white leather interiors and they may be fast but they just don’t stir my blood.

This purple Mustang in the picture gives me some throwback to the plum crazy Mopar’s and for that reason alone I am off the base on this one. I tend to believe Plum Crazy is a Mopar color and anyone else who tries it better be careful. Just my opinion. I am sure whomever painted this car did a great job but I just do not see it being right on this car. I would love to know what you think about this. Is plum crazy a Mopar only color or is it game on for anyone?

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