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Car Talk: Shelby Cobra love

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By Mark Weisseg

The Shelby Cobra is a bad ass car. I have gone to the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas several times and always leave with the notion that Ford and Shelby should always be together.

If you buy a used one, say a 2013 or 2014 you can opt for the 5.8 liter engine. That is 662 horsepower and a six speed. It is raw, unbelievable power. Or settle for the Coyote 5.0 which is a great engine as well. But, if you buy these two years and want power you never felt before swing for the GT500 with the 5.8L.
They stopped making that engine after 2014 so the two years they did produce this heavy weight are a bit expensive but are collectors items already.
Why? You cannot get them anymore and in the classic fast muscle car era if you cannot get it anymore the price goes nowhere but up.

Imagine if Apple said they would only make 500 iPhone 6 phones. Do you think they would be sought after and the ones that were for sale would increase in value? Of course.
That is partly why the Dodge Challenger and Charger with the Hellcat engines have softened up a bit. At first only the select few could get them so the honest, fair dealers added on ten to twenty grand on the sticker price. Then, FCA could not build them fast enough or so they say, keeping the price up. By the way, that is one of the oldest tricks in the book except for the oldest profession known to man kind.

Now suddenly it is easy to get a Hellcat engine and the sticker price can be wiggled. How about them apples? Now FCA says you will be able to buy a Jeep with a Hellcat engine. That is to get that segment of the market fired up as well but history has shown us Jeep buyers are not looking for monster engines. You can already buy a Jeep with the SRT package and sales are soft. People buy Jeeps for comfort, four wheel drive, and to haul around kids and the things kids need to have.

So, don’t fall for the gimmicks. All I am stating is if you desire the beast engine only, the 2013 and 2014 have the 5.8. After that it’s all 5.0’s.

So, if you desire a car that is fast, comfortable, sleek, and will retain its value, look at the Mustang I shared with you today.

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