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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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Transmission: Automatic
Price:US $175,000.00

This Demon has been built, delivered, and in my possession ready to go. This Black Beauty will come with all Demon paperwork, accessories, booklets, floor mats, Demon car cover, leather bound Demon owners manual, perfect condition original window sticker, and Demon crate filled with all of the track goodies.

This Demon has Leather front and back seats, trunk carpet, 18 speaker option package, red seat belts, demon storage bag.

“The 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque makes the newest Challenger the quickest production road car in the world in more than one metric. Launching from a stop to 60 miles per hour takes just 2.3 seconds; since some automakers list their 0-60 times “with rollout,” Dodge did that too – clicking off a 2.1-second run. Zero to 100 mph from a full stop only takes 5.1 seconds; and the Demon covers the quarter mile in just 9.65 seconds.
The NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 9.65 at 140 miles per hour is the fastest for any production road car in the world, period, in the quarter mile. Second place is the Bugatti Veyron.”



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