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2015 Dodge Challenger 707 hp With Top Strip Time.

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BUY NOW 2015 Dodge Challenger

Engine: 6.2L 6166CC 376Cu. In. V8.
Transmission: 8 speed Automatic.
Mileage: 3,200
Price: US $65,000.00

We are now starting to see some of the 2015 hellcat models come up on the second-hand market.
This example is ultra low mileage and says that it has already ran 6.87 seconds at 103mph on nitro drag radials.

Essentially, you will be buying into an almost new vehicle which you can use as a daily driver and take to the drag strip and get a reasonable time. Such is the worth of the new hellcat engine.
At the very least, here you will get rid of the initial car depreciation, which is worth considering.

Are they worth it? Definitely.



BUY NOW 2015 Dodge Challenger

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