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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Supercharged 825 HP Pro Street.

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Engine: 6.2L 6162CC 376Cu. In. V8.
Transmission: Automatic.
Mileage: 29,000.
Price: US $36,000.00

Whipple 2.9 Supercharger with Heavy Duty Jack Shaft set @ 9psi
A set of GM Performance CNC’d, polished and ported heads.
LS9 head gaskets and ARP head bolts.
Innovators West 8-Rib Drive w/ 8” damper and crank bolt.
Innovators West 8-rib GM Alternator Pulley, 8-Rib Smooth Idler pulley, 8-rib Tensioner Pulley, 8-rib Camaro P/S pulley
Holley Valve Covers really cleaned up the engine compartment
Comp Cams GM – LSr Series LSA Grind blower cam HR 0.624/0.624 239/243 114 LSA
New sprocket tensioner and bolts along with new Trunion upgrade, dual valve springs, new pushrods and valves.
GM ZL1 Dual fuel pump, BAP, Injector Dynamics IDE850 injectors
Polished and ported VMAX throttle body.
Elite engineering catch can. Katech C5R timing chain, Trend tensioner, and Melling Oil pump.
Pfadt solid engine mounts replaced the stock mounts.
The engine had the L99 to LS3 Conversion done with new valley tray, DOD and AFM delete as well as removing the VVT cam and went to a 3 bolt cam.
Roto-Fab Cold air intake along with the blower upgrade for use with the Whipple.
SLP Long tube ceramic coated headers 1 ¾” into 3” collectors. No Cats installed. If you have emissions let me know and i’ll have some cats welded on before it leaves.
PowerFLo X-pipe and PowerFlo 3” pipe all the way back to the PowerFlo mufflers.
Alky-Control Methanol kit was installed and replaced the washer reservoir with Methanol. The kit works off of the MAF sensor and lasts a long time since it’s more of a precaution than a necessity.
Yank SC3000 torque converter. You can still daily drive this car with no issues.
Detroit Speed products upgraded the following: SS Solid rear cradle mounts, SS adjustable toe links, SS adjustable rear trailing arms. Also added was a Pfadt Rear Upper C-arm Poly Bushings w/ Sleeves and a Pfadt sway bar.
Rear Diff was changed from 3:27 gears to 3:45 posi
NGK spark plugs and Taylor 8.2mm Thundervolt 135 degree spark plug boots with boot protectors.
Elite Engineering Tunnel Brace for stiffening of the chassis when that torque comes on, keeping the tires evenly planted.
Forgestar F14, 20”, deep concave, piano black wheels. 10.5” rear and 9” fronts.
Brembo brake calipers powder coated red.
Sunoco COPO style hood with 4” cowl in the middle to give the Whipple extra breathing room.
heritage Grill in the front ties it all together along with an SLP style front splitter.
ZL1 rockers added to the sides in black and a beautiful Cyber Gray metallic dual SS stripe kit that runs bumper to bumper really make this car stand out.


This Camaro resides in a state with a density altitude of between 6000’-7500’ (bad air) and with the Whipple set at 9 psi, with 20” wheels and street tires it still pulls off a 10.90 ¼ mile at 130 mph. If you were to put sticky tires on and turn up the boost it is easily a low 10’s high 9’s car all day long. Even where it’s currently tuned, this is one bad to the bone machine and will keep you smiling.

Camaro was built to last and been babied & garaged it’s entire life. The paint looks good, the interior is clean. No rips, tears, or major scratches or damage anywhere. The entry threshold where you kick your legs in and out has a little scratching and wear on the kick plate but that’s normal. The exterior is beautiful and the interior is all stock.

That’s right, stock interior with A/C and the works while running 10’s. You can drive this car in 100 degree temps without a worry. It is truly a turn key pro street setup. Take it to the track and run 10s, then go to a show and win a trophy and then take the wife or girlfriend out for an ice cream cone, what more can you ask for? Speed, power, comfort, reliability, handling, braking, looks and sound. This is what you get with this vehicle. You literally get it all for WAY LESS than what it would cost you to build.




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