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2006 Ford Mustang S281 Supercharged

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Engine: 4.6L supercharged
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 7,100
Price: US $50,000.00

‘This 2006 Saleen is #1241 and in excellent condition. Every option for 2006, 20″ Chrome wheels, HID lights, Scenic Roof, PZero tires. It has never been on a road course or drag strip track, never in the rain or snow. Climate controlled garage, covered at all times. Cannot count how many trophies it has won at car shows. Signed by Steve and Liz Saleen on the supercharger, glove box, and owners manual. Have pics of them both signing the car.

I do not need to or have to sell this car. I have some other projects this sale will help me get done but it can sit right here in the garage, it doesn’t eat anything or cost me anything to let it sit here. I ordered this car new from Saleen.

This car is guaranteed to get you some attention wherever you take it. ‘




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