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2005 Ford GT40, 1 of 21

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Engine: 5.4L 5409CC 330Cu. In. V8.
Transmission: Manual.
Exterior Color: Blue.
Mileage: 2,100
Price: US $359,988.00


Sometimes they say, don’t meet your heroes. This you could argue, applies to the Ford GT 40.
It’s one of those vehicles that was the poster boy of its day and wanted by so many, but the reality of the car was you have to be under 5ft 10 to get in the thing, it needed constant care and attention and drank gas like it was the most dehydrated thing on the planet.

All these things aside, the Ford GT40 still stands as one of the best performance cars produced by Ford ever.
This rare example is 1 of 21 and will obviously hold its price due to its exclusivity.

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