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2000 Plymouth Prowler Roadster Convertible

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Engine: 3.5L 24 valve SOHCV6, 253 HP.
Transmission: automatic with AutoStick.
Mileage: 40,900.
Price: US $33,900.00


The Plymouth Prowler is an odd beast in many ways, harking back to the hot rodding days of old, but with modern features.
Produced for only a few short years, you can bet that as time goes by, these will become more and more rare and valued items.

This example being a unique black and a convertible, will probably hold its price better than most and with a range of added features, means this one is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Polished SS grill $1,000- SS Polished Trans cooler grill $229.95- Engine bay SS polished support bars $244.95- Rear deck SS trim plate $229.95 – Mud flaps $178-Polished SS 3rd brake light trim $84.95- Polished SS chin guard shield $139.85 – Polished SS bumper light bezels $144.95- SS Polished Battery cover $129.95-SS Bumper letter emblems $144.95- SS taillight trim $88.95- Bra set $1,100- SS Custom strut bar $250-.




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