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2000 Plymouth Prowler, 1 Of 699

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This is one rarity may want to keep an eye on.

only 1458 silver Plymouth prowlers were ever made, this one being 1 of 699.
Produced in Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

1997… The First Year of Production, Only 324 Prowlers Were Distributed to US Dealers. Another 50 in Canada. IT Only Came in the Prowler Purple.

-In 1999, Chrysler Produced the Prowler in Four Colors, Yellow, Black and Red, along with the Prowler Purple. Total Production Worldwide Was 3900. None Were Silver

-From This Year Forward, the Prowler Has Been Fitted with Changes. The New Standard Engine Is the 3.5-Litre High Output SOHC 24 Valve Aluminium Block V6. This New Power Plant Boosts Horsepower by 18% to 253 Bhp (from 214 Bhp in 1997), and Torque by 15% to £255 Ft. (From £221 Ft.). Additional Enhancements Include Illuminated Power Window Switches with Driver’s Side ‘Express-down’ and a Passenger-Side Air Bag Cut-Off Switch.

-2000, 2724 Prowlers Produced, 699 of Them Were Silver.

-2001, Chrysler Has Added More Color Options, and Produced 3127 for Sale Worldwide, but Only 545 Were Silver.

-2002, with Colors Limited to Silver, Gold, Yellow and Red, 1431 Prowlers Were Made. 98 Were Silver.

– A Total of 11,587 Prowlers Have Been Produced for Sale Worldwide, 8417 by Plymouth, and 3161 by Chrysler. Production of the Prowler Ended on February 15, 2002.

The Original MSRP in 1997 Was $40,000 and an Additional $5000 for the Matching Prowler Trailer. Demand Was SO High, Prowlers Sold for Well over MSRP upon Its Release.

As this example such low mileage, it will obviously be future rarity, so definitely shortlist this one.


High-output 3.5L V6
24-valve SOHC aluminum block
Sequental multipoint electronic fuel injection
60 degree OHC
253 horsepower at 6,400 rpms
255 pound-feet of torque at 3,950 rpms
Transmission: Automatic.
Mileage: 740.
Price: US $38,995.00



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