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What do we do with a Saleen?

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By Mark Weisseg

The car in the picture is a regular at a show I attend and they know Mr. Saleen. They speak highly of him and they should. The Saleens were numbered and I mean if you do not know I mean numbered as look at the bumper. When Ford and Saleen were together they numbered the car for its value. I mean who does not want number 1 of 6?

I fear Ford does not need Saleen anymore because they have Rousch,Shelby, and of course many in house guys and gals that know how to win your heart. So does a Saleen Mustang that will never be produced again go up or down in value? This car in the picture is one of one. It has 750 horsepower and Saleen made this car especially for the lady that drives it. Massive horsepower and a automatic transmission because this lady has very bad knees. I have spoken to her and her husband many times and they are great people. She just cannot walk well anymore and certainly cannot shift. So, there friend had this one car built for her with a automatic transmission and she loves it. The car is a monster and when she rolls in you take notice.

I hope the cars increase in value and I hope Saleen finds his way back. He is a very smart guy with amazing abilities. I am just guessing maybe he is not the best business man and maybe he should stick to design and build rather than own. That is just my opinion and I have never met this man but I sure would like to. He is still young and full of fantastic ideas for our hobby. His products have served us well and he enjoys a following most would only imagine.

The car industry today is very good for everyone. Think of all the current cars that are fast, sleek, comfortable, safe, and affordable. Some of them today will be our future classics and others will just fade away. I feel the Saleen Mustangs will grow larger in time and the value will increase. Be grateful now that someday years from now you will be able to say you were there when Saleen built these hot cars.

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